“Merkel thinks she is becoming deaf when she can’t hear acclamations.”

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Yves Calvi [host]: So Germany opened its arms to the migrants, with Angela “Mutti” Merkel standing first in line.

Éric Zemmour: Yes, mother Angela, the pride, the glory, the honor of Europe, the future bearer of the Nobel Peace Prize, the incarnation of a continent of mothers who can’t endure the picture of a dead child. The European and the French Press consecrated empress Angela I. Hollande gets jeered for being slow to submit. A financial whipping is promised to Easter European leaders, to poor to have the right to say anything. “I won’t bring out the torture instruments immediately, let us act as good comrades”, Angela the First warned them. Truly Europe is egalitarian and fraternal under the Teutonic thumb. The Germans are great, the Germans are good, the Germans are generous. Now nobody thinks of reproaching them for their accountant’s insensitivity towards the Greek, even less of painting them as SS or slapping a pointed helmet on their heads. The photo of a refugee child wearing for its protection the cap of a German policeman, replaces in the collective unconscious the photo of another child, standing in front of the Warsaw Ghetto, afraid of the advancing German army. Standing before History, Merkel is playing a high stakes game. Her remarkable media-blitzkrieg is erasing Hitler, William II., and even Bismarck from the picture. She is reviving the image of a bucolic, generous, dreamy, romantic and pacifist Germany, an image created in the Nineteenth Century by Madame de Staël and all the intellectuals of the French Left.

Yves Calvi: Economic factors aren’t absent from the Chancellor’s decision, Éric.

Éric Zemmour: Yes, because in the meantime German bosses had a dream: a massive, pliable and cheap workforce shall replace in their factories the blond heads that local women failed to give birth to. This economic cynicism and this human rights romanticism share the same, allegedly humanistic vision of a soil-free individual, unbound and rootless, without past and without culture, an interchangeable producer and consumer. In the space of a couple of hours, Angela Merkel took upon herself the historic responsibility of utterly destroying the Germany of the past thousand years, and of transforming it into a multicultural country. The 800 000 announced refugees will have children. Million of men will set out on the road, viewing Germany like America in the Nineteenth Century. But who shall play in the end the role of the Indians? Germans always believe that what’s good for them is good for the world. Their exalted and romantic character drives them often into extremist behaviors: all or nothing, alles oder nichts. Not so long ago, this prompted French nationalists to say that Germany had always been the great troublemaker of the world. Germany acts as if she were alone on the planet, but she is not alone in Europe. She imposes her iron generosity upon a whole continent, that lacks both her financial solidity and her demographic emptiness. The Czechs and the Hungarians are prophesying the end of Christian civilization and the suicide of Europe. A few lonely Germans remind us that this wouldn’t be the first time in History that their country provoked a catastrophe in Europe. All of this couldn’t bother Merkel less. She thinks she is becoming deaf when she can’t hear acclamations.