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More embryonic than the Alt-Right. Says no to progressivism. Says yes to reality. Not fooled by big business. Pro-localism. Territorial. Red-pilled. Stands up for vitalistic subversion, plasticity, and common decency.


Still in flux. Doesn’t mean the same thing in America and Europe. Takes the realities of sex and race seriously. Says no to progressivism. Respects the fact nations and people have identities based on histories and cultures. Typically arrived at via the red pill. Emerged spontaneously and approximately at the same time across the Anglosphere, France, and Germany, with varying measures of success.

Associated, more or less similar concepts: New Right, Dissident Right, Nationalism, Droite Hors les Murs, Deep Right, Outer Right (HPL hello!).

Various sub-factions exist. If you filter for noise, you’ll see they are mainly distributed over possible concepts of identity, and over possible relations between identity and sovereignty.


NRx concept that designates the informal power or influence of coordinated progressivist media, universities, NGOs.

http://atavisionary.com/the-cathedral-compilation-page/ (organizes Moldbug’s original writings around this concept)
http://www.socialmatter.net/the-compendium/#Cathedral (slightly more developed definition)
http://ionthesky.blogspot.fr/2015/05/the-cathedral.html (good stuff)


Ancient and Modern known forms of civilization all possess an inherent tendency to destroy their host cultures.

This feature makes it hard keeping civilization alive.

Cognitive Dissonance

Contradiction between what you observe and what you believe causes pain in the head.

To double down in this context is to maintain your beliefs at all cost.

“SJWs always double down.” — Vox Day


Pseudo-conservatism. Cuckservatives, or cucks, attack the Alt-Right to score progressivist status points. Individuals, beliefs, institutions, organizations dominated by cuckservatism are cucked. When such host bodies cease to be cuckservative, they become uncucked. The West as a whole is presently cucked to various degrees, a notion captured by the term: Cuckland.

The most cucked place on Earth is Germany.

Vox Day co-wrote a book on cuckservatism.

En Français: le conservatisme cocu. En 1936, 
Brasillach a écrit une "Lettre aux cocus de 
la droite" (Combat, mars 1936).

“Starke-meinungen.de is a nest of full-on German cuckservatives.”



Do-gooder. Misnomer of the year 2015, according to German progressivists.


Overreaching. Overextending. Too much. Without measure. Lack of inner balance.

The Ancients knew all of this gets you killed.

May acquire a positive aesthetic value.


The enemy is global and reacts quickly. The alt-right is slow and hindered by local cultural barriers.


Is real. Is not just cultural. Is not just biological.


The cultural preconditions of political action. The way people see things, regardless of the immediate political agenda of those in charge.


The harnessing of progressivism to the selective justification of foreign wars.


Neoreaction. Anti-democratic sub-faction of the Alt-Right. Basically an updated version of Plato, with libertarian / Silicon Valley roots. Seminal author: Mencius Moldbug. Members focus on building spiritual foundations and fraternal organizations.

The only thing we are “for” is a total reboot and restoration, so that our descendants can inherit the stars, instead of the mud.” — Michael Perilloux


Fundamentally reduces anthropology to a combination of hyperculturalist dogma and presentist ethics. Its geopolitics is founded on a reduction of politics to morality, and of morality to the ideology of Human Rights.

The current version of progressivism heavily features feminism, and multiculturalism.

National-Socialism incorporates elements of progressivism, cf. Mein Kampf, I, 11. Thus: progressivism is susceptible to reductio ad Hitlerum.

As a religion, it is certain that progressivism is worse than Islam. This is because progressivism necessarily causes the accelerated self-destruction of its host culture.

Other concepts related to progressivism: modernity, liberalism.

Hyper-progressivism designates the most recent and extreme aspects of progressivist degeneracy.

Replacism is the suicidal, auto-genocidal stage of progressivism we are presently caught in.

“Mocking progressivism is not enough.”


Yesterday was better than today. Older is often better. Not forgetting what was lost. May apply to the 1960s, 1950s, to pre-1789, to pre-1649, to the Middle Ages, to the worlds of the Ancients.

There are no feminist reactionaries.

“Back to the Middle Ages!”



Realism in general posits that the world, understood as a system of facts, domains, causal relations, laws and types, exists independently from the way we think of it. For a realist, durable success implies learning how to adapt yourself to the laws that structure your field of activity.

Political realism asserts that the success of a political system in the long run depends on how well or prudently its institutions are based on a sound understanding of anthropology and geopolitics. Realists consider that there is, to some extent, truth to the formula: might makes right.


Red Pill

Comes from a famous scene in The Matrix (1999). Typically applies to the moment a person with a progressivist education decides to accept the realities of sex differences, and rejects feminism. Can also be applied to other sorts of intellectual conversions. More here.


Virtue Signalling

Ostensing doxic markers that conform to the herd, to orthodoxy, to groupthink, to dominant ideology.


Shit Test

Red pill term designating the female act of probing a man’s worth. Separates the attractive men from the non-attractive men. There are further important distinctions within the second group, but TBC is not a game blog. Polite terminology: fitness test.



Social Justice Warriors. Organized and youthful scum bent on imposing hyper-progressivist agendas on other organizations. Typically target high-profile white men. Attempt to manipulate targets perceived as being soft or defenseless: nerds, geeks, gamers, programmers, metalheads.

Expert on SJWs: Vox Day.



Testosterone-fueled will to dominate.

A manifestation of Yang.

Youth Bulge

High proportion of young men in the total population.