TBC Book Review: SJWs Always Lie

SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police, by Vox Day, 
Castalia House 2015.

Book presentation

Pawns don’t have fancy moves. They influence the board because they are numerous, because they can be used to take opposing pieces down, and because it’s not a big deal to sacrifice them. Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) are the pawns of progressivism, and until recently, their advance against the rules of civilized society remained unchecked.

It’s easy to dismiss SJWs as unworthy opponents. And it hurts to accept the fact that they are capable of inflicting damage with impunity. Instead of taking a hard look at the enemy’s strengths and weaknesses, some will choose to merely lament his existence.

This is certainly not Vox Day’s perspective. His monograph examines SJWs in order to determine how to survive them and how to beat them. There is a bit of philosophical background on the idea of social justice convergence, but the main focus lies on knowing your enemy.

Recent high-profile SJW attacks, such as the Brendan Eich and Tim Hunt cases among many others, are analyzed. Two cases are studied in depth: Vox Day’s conflict with the SFWA, and Gamergate. Both these cultural war zones remain active and relevant close to a year after publication.

All of this is captured by an eight stage model of SJW attack, and accompanied by an attack survival guide that is also available for free in five languages on Vox Popoli (on the right bar, under “Castalia New Releases”).

Book discussion: SJWs are pawns in a larger game

  • SJWs don’t have fancy moves

Vox Day posits that the behavior of Social Justice Warriors is governed by three laws: they always lie, they always double down, and they always project.

The first law is nowhere more observable today than in Western Europe, and particularly in Germany. In this regard, we have yet to see the Cologne mass rapes sequence reach its full and final consequences.

SJWs believe the realization of social justice to be worth every sacrifice, including the sacrifice of truth. To them, this end justifies every means.

Once you engage in this direction, it becomes harder and harder to turn back, because sacrifices commit us, more than we commit them. Which leads us straight to the second law.

The second law is the most fascinating. You can get away with lying and projecting. But doubling down will eventually get you killed — not by your ideological enemies, but by reality.

We are still in the domain of sacrifice, only the object of sacrifice has changed.

Much learned debate exists on whether it is justified to classify progressivism as a religion. When it comes to social justice flavored progressivism, Vox Day seems to hesitate between the attributes “quasi-religion” and “religion”: compare for instance “a quasi-religious belief in equality, diversity, and the inevitability of progress” (Kindle Locations 198-199) with “a refusal to accept the religion of social justice” (Kindle Location 254).

Social status conferred by orthodoxy, maintained by epistemic sacrifice and devotion to a sacred narrative are characteristic sociological marks of religion. The two only real questions are: is a religion traditional or presentist? Is a religion true or false?

The third law is unbelievable but, apparently, true.

All in all, SJWs are the practical consequence of a long period of philosophical and ideological stagnation on the Left. They are the children of decades of intellectual laziness.

  • SJWs are numerous

Vox Day notes that SJWs have a great aptitude for solidarity. They field large numbers, they forge alliances and march to war together.

And so they defeat their enemies.

Contrast this with the seemingly endless ability of the right to fragment itself. Cuckservatism is only one aspect of it. Henry Dampier (NRx) provides a valid explanation of this phenomenon.

SJWs Always Lie (SJWAL) contains Vox Day’s seasoned veteran’s wisdom on alliances. Elsewhere, others confront themselves with exactly these same strategic questions. Perhaps a sign of the times.

  • SJWs are disposable

It’s all about plausible deniability. SJWs are there to launch the outrage, which the progressive media will then ride in concert to victory.

Vox Day analyzes this aspect extremely well. The Roosh V hysteria of last February validates his model.

I think it is Ann Sterzinger who noted that SJWs were inevitable in a world where committing to fight for social justice can by itself lead to a relatively lucrative career.

Pawns will be pawns, always hoping to someday become Queen.

Notes on the larger game

  • Gamergate & progressivism

Gamergate is a consumer revolt against progressivism, but many, perhaps most Gamergaters are quite progressive. You could say more or less the same thing about Counter-Jihad figures such as Tommy Robinson or Milo. To Vox Day, these are all potential or actual allies.

The fact is, most will heal themselves from progressivism in steps, the two major ones being:

  1. The progressivist revolt against various aspects or consequences of progressivism.
  2. Becoming a reactionary: as an aesthetic revolt against ugliness, out of virile pride, and through metaphysical conversion.
  • Building an SJ-proof world, one step at a time

This is, without question, the most remarkable aspect of what Vox Day is doing, and of which SJWAL is just a component.

According to his theory, organizations not designed to resist social justice convergence will eventually undergo convergence, thus becoming incapable of performing their original function and creating market opportunities for competitors or new entrants.

This is the time to be ambitious.

  • Verdun and beyond

2016 marks the centenary of the battle of Verdun. A local official ceremony took place on the 29th of May. Less a ceremony than an act of progressivist desecration, really, with initial plans including a post-ceremonial rap concert. They ended up having to scrap the rapper, though.

You ask why they had to scrap him? In essence, because France pulled a Gamergate on the government. People rang up the office of the mayor, sent emails and letters and tweets and Facebook posts, and generally voiced their discontent. So much that the mayor dropped the whole idea and went on to claim he was suffering from burn-out… Ah, burn-out, the ever reliable and increasingly familiar symptom of cognitive dissonance!

So yes, this wasn’t nearly as sophisticated or as prolonged as Gamergate. But we might get there. This could be the beginning of a cycle. The patriotic hubs are in place, with the FN finally responding in tune.

As the presidential election approaches, the turbulence will only increase. Expect waves to start getting very choppy in September.


Given recent events, I’d say SJWAL will continue to sell pretty well.



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