The Great Replacement

I mentioned Renaud Camus in a previous post.

The man recently declared he was running for the French presidency.

I like his Great Replacement meme. So do European Identitarians.

For one, it is easy to inflect: replaced, replacer, replacist, antireplacist, replacism.

Secondly, it applies in many ways and on many levels. It goes beyond, and needs to go beyond, the ethnocultural. When leftists respond with: “what data do you have to back up your theory?”, Renaud Camus tells them not to let their judgment be replaced. The Great Replacement isn’t a theory, it’s a name to put on something we are experiencing.

Thirdly, it doesn’t provide a concept of French identity, or of European identity. I do believe we absolutely need such a concept.

Here’s his video:

What is replacism, if not progressivism’s death wish? Let’s spread this meme.



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